Club Profile


History of the Mbeya City Council Football Club

The Rhino  Football Club of Arusha moved to Mbeya City  effectively from  August 2011 after being bought by the City Council and became known as the Mbeya City Council Football Club.


The Mbeya City Council Football Club has a proud tradition of being a people’s orientated club. The club, and its volunteers, put the extra effort in to get as many domestic players and fans as possible. We have dedicated qualified and accredited domestic coaches, managers, first aid officers and administrators who put in tremendous effort week in and week out to give the club and players a positive experience and results.



The general objective of the Mbeya City Council Football Club is the Development and Practice of football.

This objective is defining through the following specific objectives:

  • To explore and develop the football talent of young Tanzanians.
  • To create and widening direct and indirect employment opportunities among the young players, technical personnel and other formal and informal sector practioners in the country.
  • To sensitize/stimulate the small and medium socio-economic activities among the small and medium entrepreneur through football activities.


Driving Motives:

Mbeya City Council Football Club is driven by motives of being a huge,strong and popular football team in the sourthern highland zone(Including Mbeya,Iringa,Rukwa and Ruvuma regions) and country wide.



Current Position

Mbeya City Council Football club playing Tanzania Vodacom Premier league for the season 2013/2014, and the club is one of the top three clubs in the Tanzania Vodacom premier league table.


The Mbeya City Council Football Club continues to enjoy considerable growth and success as the club continues to grow in size, so do the same in the costs of running the club. Our endeavour is to provide the players with skills as much as possible without passing additional costs to the club.


Mbeya City Council Football Club Income Sources:

Mbeya City Council Football Club currently funded by Mbeya City Council as the owner of the team, TV rights from AZAM TV, Gate collections and VODACOM Tanzania as league sponsor. Other sources like Merchandising, member’s subscriptions and advertisement on website and club magazine are not functioning but procedures are on the way to make sure they work effectively.


Fans Base of the Club:

Mbeya City Council Football Club is the third premier league team in the country for having many spectators in various stadium behind Yanga and Simba.The club collected total of 83,101 spectators in thirteen first round premier league matches in home and away stadiums.


More than 15,000  fans has visit club facebook page, the club fan base will be widening after completing the club website and the process fo transforming the club from the institutional base to public limited company.


Club Future Plans: 

The club has distinguished short and long term future plans.These plans has divided into three main areas,these are:


  • Establishment of Mbeya City Council FC Television:

Previously, Mbeya City Council was operating the TV station which used by domestic and international TV station (i.e,ITV,TBC) to brodcast their programme to city’s residence. Currently the station not functioning, the Club planning to revive the station in order to broadcast the Club programs related to football and other related issues.


  • Construction of Hostels and Playing ground for training:

Mbeya City Council Football Club has acquired a pice of land for infrastructure development Phase I, for construction of training ground for senior and junior team,hostels with all necessary facilities for both senior and junior team,offices for administration and technical bench.The size of acquired land is 57,000sqm plot No.236 BLOCK “E” Iwambi area Mbeya City. The MCC FC Infrastructure Development Plan Phase II will focus the construction of stadium “The Citizen Arena”.


Club Philosophy and Vision:

  • Win the games with attractive football.
  • The club motive is more important than the philosophy.
  • The philosophy is more important than the team.
  • The team is more important than the most important player.